About Us

From its 2008 inception, Dhustone quickly became one of the most trusted tactical and outdoor shops in the UK. With deep roots in military tactical gear, outdoor lifestyle clothing, and survival accessories, Dhustone caters to the individual retail shopper as well as the large wholesale supplier. Based in the UK, we are a manufacturing company specialising in the supply of rugged, tough outdoor products. Dhustone’s attention to detail is apparent in every product offered for sale.

Our company’s name, pronounced “Dew-stone,” means “black rock” in Welsh. Our mission to provide maximum reliability through long-wearing outdoor clothing and accessories embodies the Dolerite rock we are named after. The Dhustone brand represents rugged high-quality outdoor products at unbeatable prices.

The Dhustone brand is based in the United Kingdom and serves customers globally across all continents. We do not allow our products to be offered for auction resale. Any customer found to be selling Dhustone products in an auction format will be removed from our website as an authorised dealer. This restriction does not apply to any customer selling Dhustone items through online “Buy it Now” storefronts.